I love my big and beautiful cherry pie print! It hangs in my living room for me to enjoy every day. It’s like a magic eye from the 90s. You stare into the details, soften your gaze, and a whole world comes to life.

Thanks for reading links. I’ve got them flagged to enjoy throughout the week.

Happy Summer Solstice, my dear friend! ☀️🍒🥧

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This post about your Great Aunt Bee’s Cherry pie truly warmed my heart. Sounds like she was a really wonderful person. She reminds me of my Great Aunt Velva who was an artist.

I began a new job as a pastry cook a few months ago and am so inspired by your writing about pie. It’s always been one of my favorite desserts and you so lovingly captured what makes it delightful.

One of my favorite pie memories was from this last fall when I baked a kabocha squash pie adapted from your mother’s sweet potato pie recipe. I brought it to a gathering and everyone absolutely loved it. Definitely my favorite fall pie!

But now of course, I’m wanting to bake a cherry pie! Do you have a recipe you’d recommend?

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It’s so lovely to hear about the process behind your work! Loved reading this and now of course I want pie.

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Beautiful watercolor! And nice stories around it. Stay safe and be well. CL

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