Hi Molly! Thanks for sharing about the practices you use to care for yourself. It was a good reminder to be more open about how I resource and how hugely important it’s been for me.

You’ve inspired me to develop more of a morning ritual for myself!

I also have a daily writing practice. It’s really helped me get to know my own voice better. When and what I write changes day-to-day, but it’s important to me to just consistently show up for myself in this way.

Stillness and intuitive movement help me feel more connected to my body and calm my mind. This often looks like 10-15 minutes of breathwork, meditation, and yoga.

Probably just as important to my physical, emotional, and mental health has been going on frequent walks. I love walking east in morning to get the light on my eyes, and west in the evening toward the sunset.

I definitely get what you’re saying about connecting with the natural world in this way.

Thanks for getting me thinking about these rituals!

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Wow, I love learning about your process. I had no idea you bring in colored pencil sometimes...brilliant. The way you highlight and support the work of others is inspiring...thank you, thank you. Your generous heart is so felt through the beauty you bring into the world.

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Aug 31, 2023Liked by Molly Reeder

The folks at Te Company in NYC have some experience drying persimmons and might be able to give you some tips. Here’s a link to their blog post about it: https://tecompanytea.com/blogs/tea-atelier/digest-persimmons

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Thanks for sharing these resources, Molly! And WTG Rob! I had no idea he was doing that kind of work, so cool!

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